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Insta360 and winging

Created by TheNortherner 1 month ago, 29 Jun 2022
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29 Jun 2022 6:54AM
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Just got an X2 to use for winging. Any thoughts on securing it? My (very) old Gopro had a tab thing you can mount a security line through, and also could use a floaty, the X2 has neither.

I have the standard 120cm invisible selfie stick, seems tough enough, but is it? Worried about giving it a smack, or a leash getting caught. If it pings the camera off then $700 sinks to the bottom of the ocean.

Saw thread somewhere about making a selfie stick with hollow plastic tube so it floats, any examples out there? Could possibly thread a security line down the middle?

Was reading this thread

And figured dive cases are on special at the moment so figure it's probably worth $90 as an insurance policy, but won't help if it sinks.


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"Insta360 and winging" started by TheNortherner