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Lake George Water Level

Created by John340 1 month ago, 28 Jun 2022
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28 Jun 2022 3:51PM
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The Bogans on their last visit at the end of May, reported very low water levels. There has been some rain in June.

Has this had any effect on water levels? Hopefully there will be more rainfall over winter and spring. How much rainfall is needed over winter for a good GPS season in the new year?

Mr Keen
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28 Jun 2022 5:08PM
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Saw that Oversized Bogan sailed last week, said that water had come back to February levels. Bring on the winter rain, Hopefully some clear water and more weed next year.

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29 Jun 2022 11:03AM
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Is there a life away from LG ? Only 7 months to go...

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29 Jun 2022 4:09PM
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29 Jun 2022 4:54PM
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Hopefully we'll make it next year.

WA, 1691 posts
29 Jun 2022 8:58PM
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decrepit said..
Hopefully we'll make it next year.



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