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Created by garymalmgren 1 month ago, 27 Jun 2022
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27 Jun 2022 9:17PM
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There are hundred if not thousands of boat refit videos.
I follow a few.
This is Josefine.
This is a project that any sane person would walk away from.
The surveyor should have been shot.
However Reg and Randie have stuck with it and are finally after 7 years coming out the other side.
Reg doesn't post every week and this is post 10.
If you get into it, please go back to post one and see how far he has come.
Hats off.

Post one

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28 Jun 2022 7:27PM
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As always a great post Gary, it's a good up date and sort of reassuring to know there's folks whom bight off heaps more than I do and succeed.


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