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Kiting Lake George near canberra

Created by towradgi Two weeks ago, 22 Jul 2022
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22 Jul 2022 5:48PM
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Having driven past Lake George a couple times this month . It is quite full . Deepest in 30 years. The 4 foot cattle fences are underwater as well
.You could probably launch from the car expressway side of lake conveniently now...intead of eastern side..Don't know what wind is suitable .

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29 Jul 2022 11:08AM
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I've heard of Canberra pole dancers doing it. It's a bit risky though, you want to know exactly where the fences as you don't wanna get snagged on rusty barbed wire.

EDIT: Here's an old thread with images of where the fences are:


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"Kiting Lake George near canberra" started by towradgi