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First time in Australia

Created by jhonson 3 months ago, 28 Nov 2023
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28 Nov 2023 3:00AM
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I'm thinking of taking a trip to Australia next December, but want to combine kiting and wine tasting, where should I go?

WA, 732 posts
28 Nov 2023 7:49PM
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Wine 30km away

If you are v experienced (only) ..then some other place near there that I won't mention heaps of wine tasting tours etc and vineyards there

WA, 58 posts
30 Nov 2023 9:24AM
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I would say perth itself you can go to the Swan Valley for the wine or do a 2-3 day trip to Margaret River when there is no wind.
That being said, the season start has been pretty **** so far, you might be disappointed on the wind side.

WA, 465 posts
30 Nov 2023 3:10PM
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Wine tasting are u sure u mean kitesurfing and not wing foiling ?

Froth Goth
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30 Nov 2023 3:42PM
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Theres really weird rules about buying goon in cairns in the morning but if ya grab a bunji they seem to be able to get it without the jacks rolling in

NSW, 3562 posts
2 Dec 2023 7:01PM
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Yeh Augusta or Margaret River (waves) or even the Mornington Peninsula (Near Melbourne) could tick a few boxes. But Western Australia is epic for wind in our summer (Jan).


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