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Cabrinha 2022 foils

Created by nimo1972 4 months ago, 28 Jan 2022
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28 Jan 2022 2:07AM
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The new cabrinha foil looks interesting.
they have managed to get rid of the troublesome wing to fuselage join.
looks like a great engineering solution. The join is now in the fuselage with only the stab loading it.
anyone seen or used one?

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28 Jan 2022 5:40AM
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Hey Nimo, I have been using the H1000 for over a month now, its an awesome foil. At 95kg the 1000 is my only foil, although I have the 800 on the way soon. Its a fast setup, with amazing glide. Also turns very well. My only gripe at the moment is the lack of a longer mast, as they only have 70 & 80cm. Id ideally like 85-87 for bigger swells, and cranking harder turns. That being said, I recovers from breaching a wing tip like nothing else, so it isnt a major downfall

WA, 8846 posts
28 Jan 2022 6:12AM
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Got a link showing this fuse to mast setup ?

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28 Jan 2022 7:42AM
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28 Jan 2022 9:51AM
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I'm a fan of the mast/fuse setup like fone has. No need for separate front wing and separate bolts for the fuse/mast connection. They could even make the tail and the fuse connect to the mast so you only need two bolts for the whole thine.
The 800 looks great. Never used them.

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29 Jan 2022 12:16AM
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Great foils, quite a few of us on them here in Melbourne now. At 70kg I use the 650 for 15 knots and above and 1000 for below. 1200/800 is a great split for 75-90kg crew. Solid build, been jumping mine hard for months now with no issues. Coming from the Axis HPS/ART(great foils too) the Cabrinha HAs seem to combine the best of both.


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