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WA Events Calendar 20/21

Created by AUS1111 3 months ago, 8 Oct 2020
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8 Oct 2020 2:20PM
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Does anyone have a list of whatever events are planned this summer? There is nothing on the WWA website but I recall something about a new website being built. There was an email that came out with a list, but I didn't keep it as I figured it would be online

WA, 3515 posts
19 Oct 2020 9:23AM
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Looks like the new website is up and running, with calendar;

SA, 3571 posts
20 Oct 2020 4:06PM
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Loving the new website.
side note: More Volunteers! Even if it means a few free bevies at the end of the day!

WA, 333 posts
26 Nov 2020 4:15PM
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If you are looking for more racing AUS1111 you should get yourself a foil.
Just noticed that most of the wind foiling events are not on the calendar.
Basically every weekend there is racing at Freo yacht club on Saturday and Mounts Bay on Sunday. Plus a few other events such as the Mandurah Platform Race, and Wapole weekend. etc etc
Plus there will be on the river training sessions starting soon on Thursday nights.

Plenty of time to get ready for the Wind foil Nationals in Perth Jan 2022

WA, 108 posts
26 Nov 2020 5:07PM
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Chris taking up foiling not going to happen - ever.

WA, 156 posts
26 Nov 2020 8:23PM
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what he said LOL

Dazzy will you be the one giving the lessons ? When my foil combo finally gets here, I will be your young apprentice ....

WA, 259 posts
29 Nov 2020 6:02PM
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We need WA windsurfers to get behind the sport and actually register and attend the events. Screamin leeman is about to get cancelled as there are not enough numbers...what's the point of people working their butts off and sacrificing their time to bring these events to life if not many people want to compete?

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1 Dec 2020 8:01AM
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to be honest, i've seen bugger all info about the events prior to the last minute rush to get registrations, ie. Gero comp this weekend, register before it gets cancelled.

perhaps an email out to the WWA mailing list with the event calendar.

Seabreeze has a news section, which I'm sure could be utilised.

Instagram is a good one, haven't seen anything on that for a bit.

If no one knows, then no one goes.

Mark _australia
WA, 20179 posts
1 Dec 2020 9:31AM
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I agree. Fair enough not a member and don't compete but I live in Gero and didn't know we had a comp until I heard a rumour 4 or 5 days before
I know it's volunteers and not bagging anyone but it used to be mentioned here for each comp
Well, and a calendar posted too

WA, 730 posts
2 Dec 2020 9:18AM
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Web Site
Individual Event Pages
Calendar Posted on web site for months
Facebook Events
Facebook Posts
Instagram Posts
Emails to Members (past and present)
Seabreeze Posts

What do you want? Hand-delivered Personnel Telegram?

Non-Members slagging off volunteers for not putting in enough effort is a bit rich.

When did YOU last take time off from your keyboard to SUPPORT, ENCOURAGE AND GROW WINDSURFING IN WESTERN AUSTRALIA?
The time and effort spent bashing a keyboard creating Seabreeze posts criticising volunteers could be much better spent ACTUALLY doing something constructive for YOUR sport.

Here some suggestion:
- Become a Member
- Actually go to events
- Register in time to enable the event to organise the event

We don't get paid to deal with this sort of crap.

WA, 1091 posts
2 Dec 2020 10:49AM
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I don't think anyone here is slagging off volunteers.

Last Instagram post was on October 25th

Facebook isn't that great, as your feed varies quite a lot. While I know that windsurfing WA posts a lot, it rarely comes into my feed.

Emails: maybe include non members. so a mailing list that includes past members or anyone who subscribes, have an unsubscribe button. Also if you send out a calendar you can set up the dates so that they can be added to outlook or calendar with the click of a button.

Sea breeze posts are good but are the events added to the event page on seabreeze, and the news section is also a great tool.

Posters at popular spots could help, I've seen one in margs for the Carnarvon Windfest.

I think everyone appreciates the efforts of Windsurfing WA, but it is important to recognise where improvements can be made. for example how facebook is being utilised is obviously not working, what else could be done. I know that I pretty much just use Facebook for market place and hardly look at my feed.

Here is a suggestion, give someone the role of media facilitator. I'm happy to help out with this. so let me know if you want me to.

As what it the point of all your effort if the information is not getting out there.

annnnnnnd lastly if you feel that to much of you is being asked with out being paid, you don't have to do it.

WA, 927 posts
2 Dec 2020 1:42PM
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I am aware of the events from the Seabreeze alone, but also from the word of mouth.
I'm not up to scratch to actually compete in any event though ,


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