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GT31 2Gb sd card- a successful last resort

Created by tony d ford 4 months ago, 27 Jan 2022
tony d ford
VIC, 7 posts
27 Jan 2022 3:56PM
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Alrighty folks.2Gb SD cards scarcer than duck teeth.
However- AMCAL Chemist Sale VIC is getting me a SANDISK 2 Gb card, $19.95, and posting it to Beachport for me ,
(and for freebies too Cheers Susan).
How's that!
She also noted from the stock database that there were 100 in stock at the AMCAL warehouse.

And someone just passed over a 512Mb card, just like that.Ah well, but, 2X the Karma now...


WA, 1225 posts
29 Jan 2022 1:06AM
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This is kinda funny. I actually have a bunch of 2gb microsd cards, since those were the max size you could put into old Garmin hiking gpsers, like the GPSMAP 60, which is still my favorite for backpacking. Granted, I was purchasing those cards 10 years ago. Even then they were getting scarce.

SA, 3778 posts
29 Jan 2022 4:36AM
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Plenty on ebay

VIC, 5831 posts
30 Jan 2022 12:29PM
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According to their website, Office Works have 1gb SD cards.


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"GT31 2Gb sd card- a successful last resort" started by tony d ford