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Windsurfing waist bag

Created by leto 1 month ago, 29 Nov 2020
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29 Nov 2020 10:41AM
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Guys, sometimes I find myself in a situation where I have to park far, walk to the beach a quarter mile with the board and a sail and would love to take a few extra small fins (thrusters/bites/wave) with me to make some adjustments or take a tiny bottle of water and maybe a small screwdriver and cell phone and not leave these on the beach.

Some first thoughts I have is to get a flattish waist bag and attach it to the back of the harness.

Wonder if any found a nice way to deal with it? Would be nice to have a small wrap around bag which can go flat against the back of a harness.. Made some silly mockup.

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29 Nov 2020 6:01PM
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Dakine Classic hip pack?

Could have the pack straps vertical around the harness back support?

QLD, 1803 posts
29 Nov 2020 7:44PM
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What about a small CamelBak style thing?

NSW, 153 posts
30 Nov 2020 7:20AM
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Hey leto. Ive been trialing the Seacure hard plastic bum bag. Works great. Holds my back up phone, BT 31 GPS, spar keys, tools. Good O ring and aqua seal has so far stopped water egress. I use 2 elastic loops with balls on the ends to attach to harness and use the waist belt as a back up.

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30 Nov 2020 10:49AM
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I also checked my RideEngine harness and there are 2 hidden steel rings on the sides I can use to attach the bag. So no need to hook it over the top and the bottom (awesome).

I'm thinking more about a neoprene bag similar size as it stretches. So things don't bang inside that bag when I jump plus it weighs close to nothing when empty. Also a small water bottle compartment can be awesome to hold say one tiny 240ml spring water bottle.
A month ago I had to finish one of my sessions early because i was thirsty and walking to the car and back in one of the spots would take half an hour.

Keys and a small aluminum uphaul stick are not a problem though as I wear them around my neck.

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1 Dec 2020 6:49AM
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I use a hydration pack for water, it has a side pocket that you can put a pocket knife, Small screw driver etc... I also carry a dry pack for my cell phone, which has enough room for my car key and alarm. I tie the hydration pack too my wetsuit zipper cord and slip it inside my wetsuit. When I'm in board shorts, I just slip the drypack line through my harness leg strap and put it inside my boardshorts pocket

QLD, 2194 posts
1 Dec 2020 1:27PM
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Whatever happened to the days we just wore boardies, says me with an Avatar of me in a spring-suit, impact vest, sun hat, booties and gloves

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8 Dec 2020 10:33AM
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yeti fanny pack, waterproof and adds buoyancy when in the water.


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