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Wind and Water in WA end of March and April

Created by Tarnman 2 months ago, 13 Mar 2019
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13 Mar 2019 3:12AM
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Hi folks

i am flying from Europe to Perth next week and i am going to stay till mid April.

As i am traveling with a 8 month old baby the space for kitestuff is very limited.
That is why I have to make some selections and need your help.

I want to travel the coast from Albany to Denham and i know that the south will be a lot cooler than the north, so here are my questions:
How warm is the water? Will i need a long Wetsuit (3mm) in Augusta? And is a shorty still enough in Geraldton and Denham?

How is the wind going to be in the south and in the north?
I already found out that the winds in Perth and northwards get weaker in autumn, so my question is, can i still expect days with 25+ knots or is it going to be more like the 12 to 18 knots average?
I am also a bit confused how the winds are in the south, is Augusta and Margaret River still good at this time of the year?

And how is the current situation for kiting in Augusta?

I would be very happy for some infos!!
Thanks and hang loose.

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13 Mar 2019 7:56AM
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Hi Tarnman,

It is currently the end of the season here in Perth and surroundings. This means your options for kiting will be limited as the sea breezes are less frequent and less strong. Wind patterns at this time of year are less predictable so no one can tell you how the winds will be in April. Down south you may have some weak cold fronts coming through but most likely not very strong winds. Augusta only works with SE winds which you are very unlikely to get at this time of year so I would recommend you skip that spot altogether. Albany would offer more options in the estuary from various wind directions, but you shouldn't expect very strong winds. If you kite anywhere south of Perth a good 3-4mm long wetsuit is recommended for sure.

Your best chance of wind would be to head North towards Geraldton, Coronation and Denham/Shark Bay. Shark Bay works with various wind directions and is much warmer at this time of year, although there is no guarantee of wind either. You may get the occasional 25 knot sea breeze day up North at this time of year, but not likely towards Perth or down south unless it's a front.

if you really want to get some kiting in it's best that you have some flexible travel plans and adjust your travels based on the forecast a few days ahead.

Hope this helps


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13 Mar 2019 12:29PM
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I live near geraldton and April is when we really get a change in patterns after 6 mths of wind, you might get lucky though, a long arm short leg is fine up here all year but depends on you, shark bay region and up to Exmouth can get a surprise week of decent wind
Main thing to think about is holiday time , it can get full everywhere during Easter, my home spot Dongara is fully booked already I've heard

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14 Mar 2019 4:52PM
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Hi Tarnman,

Unfortunately, you have chosen the worst months to visit Australia, let alone WA for strong winds. Although we are still getting some decent wind, the days of regular 25knot seabreezes are over, but you can expect fairly consistent 15-20 knots at this time of year, but as each day goes by towards end of April, the winds get weaker and weaker. If you have a foil, you will have no problem.

If you are prepared to drive for strong winds, you may jag a couple of strong days on the south or north coast, but its definitely going to be hit and miss. If you have a bigger kite, I'd say bring a large kite rather than a small one.

The water temps are pretty mild right now and a 3mm will be fine for Perth and the north, maybe a 4mm for the south, but that depends on the warmth and quality of the suit itself.

There are lots of things to do in WA. Come with the intent of seeing the country and its attractions and look at the kiting as being a bonus, that way you wont be disappointed. I used to go to Gnaraloo in late August which is when the big swells are starting to abate but the winds haven't yet come in solidly. I'd surf on the no wind days and have a kite as a bonus for the two or three days when the winds were strong enough to kite.

Enjoy our great country.


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14 Mar 2019 8:33PM
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Hi Guys,

thanks for all the infos!
I have decided to bring a 12m and 10m Kite with me and leave the 8m at home.
That way i can easily kite from 14 to 30 kts. And if i should find a storm with 30+ well than ill just send it!
I will also take a long 3mm Wetsuit with me. Prefer to be warm than cold...

We are traveling by campervan, so we are flexible.
And ofcourse I dont only want to kite, my wife would kill me if it were so!


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