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Thoughts about the petition for lawn maintenance at PeliPt, Matilda bay

Created by dbabicwa 2 months ago, 7 Dec 2023
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7 Dec 2023 10:46AM
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Hi gents!
I was thinking to start the petition for the lawn maintenance @PeliPt.
The lawn is completely dead, the reticulation does not work and bindies are everywhere rupturing the LE bladders. A few bladders erupted in the last few weeks just sitting on the dead lawn.

Here is the Department's email from years ago:

From: Childs, Wayne []
Sent: Wednesday, 31 August 2016 10:37 AM
To: Dean
Cc: Fisher, Tim
Subject: RE: Pelican Point lawn
Hi Dean
Thank you for your email regarding the condition of the grass at Matilda Bay Reserve. I will be fertilising and top dressing the "Pelican Point Lawn" as soon as the weather starts to warm up a little, hopefully during September. Members of the public are not allowed to apply fertilisers etc. to the lawns, however, the Department of Parks and Wildlife (the department) do have registered volunteers who can assist with this type of activity under the direction of the department.
The department has recently engaged experienced lawn contractors to begin an extensive, long term reconditioning program, including the application of a soil wetting agent, aerating and fertilising and the reduction of "weed" grass species. This started in August between Australia II Drive and the Bayside Kitchen tea rooms. The area further north which the department utilises for function events will be included in a similar program with next year's budget.
The lawn improvement project at Matilda Bay Reserve has revealed many challenges for instance, extensive tree root systems just beneath the lawn surface, limited depth of degraded soil above the limestone substrate, compaction of soil in key areas from park visitation, salt deposit and wind erosion from the river, along with the high presence of Parramatta "weed" grass which thrives in the conditions outlined.
The department is confident, however, that over time some of these issues will be addressed and the overall condition of the lawn will improve.
Thank you for your continued interest. Please contact me again should you require any further information.
Kind regards
Wayne Childs | A/Operations Officer | Regional Parks Unit | Swan Region

Obviously nothing happened. The email to Wayne bounced today.
Is the petition the right way? Would you sign it? What else can we do? Cheers


Mark _australia
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8 Dec 2023 1:08PM
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I would sign it
The fact he talked about lawn in the wrong area shows how "interested" the Dept was.....

I epuld say that west of the carpark is prob City of Nedlands and the area kiters set up is the nature reserve as its closest the point. So msybe both agencies need to be approached

WA, 805 posts
12 Dec 2023 1:24PM
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Thanks Mark,

the petition is UP in here:

I will try to take a pic this arvo and upload it.

Please support this petition!Cheers


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"Thoughts about the petition for lawn maintenance at PeliPt, Matilda bay" started by dbabicwa