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Getting back into windsurfing in 2021 - advice needed.

Created by Clue Thirst 9 months ago, 30 Dec 2020
Clue Thirst
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30 Dec 2020 1:04PM
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Right, so 2021 is the year I am getting back into windsurfing since probably 2008. So some thoughts from the brain trust on what has changed and what to consider.

Some background. I moved to Perth about 15 years ago from Namibia and still have the gear I used back then. This includes:

1. F2 Slalom Board (2.78cm , 103L)
2. F2 "Wave" Board (2.62cm , 85L)
3. Sails - 5.1, 4.6, 4.1, 3.5

I subsequently bought a 5.5 in Perth (don't recall ever using the 3.5 here, although did use the 4.1 a few times). I am mid 70 kgs, although maybe a bit closer to high 70's since Christmas.

Whilst in Perth I did most of my sailing at Pinaroo point (it is close).

The master plan is to start at Melville once or twice, convince myself I can still water start and brush up those gybing skills. Then head back to Pinaroo. I am thinking I should replace the mast base and mast extension. I previously had a long swim at Leightons when an old one snapped off. Not sure about the boom? Any ideas on checking this (hang on it from the ceiling?). I am sure the mast, board and sails should be ok and if not they break in my river attemps.

Also, I notice that PFD are now required? Am I understanding that correctly?

Any advice on what I am missing ?

Following this I was thinking of get a more floaty waveish board instead of using the old slalom board at Pinaroo. Thoughts/suggestions?

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1 Jan 2021 6:17PM
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My advice - try the windsurfing section

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2 Jan 2021 7:53PM
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Id agree with replacing the mast base ,then get out there . Good luck


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"Getting back into windsurfing in 2021 - advice needed." started by Clue Thirst