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FIrst Kite Racing event for the season

Created by PKR 6 months ago, 10 Sep 2019
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10 Sep 2019 6:12PM
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Hey everyone,

The 2020 racing season is almost upon us. If you have a foilboard and would like to come and have a go at course racing, why not come along and meet the crew at Jervoise Bay Sailing Club on October the 6th. Racing usually starts at 1pm and briefing is at 12pm.

The course is windward and leeward marks usually about 0.6 Nautical mile apart. The top (windward mark) has an "offset" mark to prevent collision. Bottom mark is "gated" style with two buoys you must pass between either way. Usually three laps for Formula Foil but we are suggesting two laps for Formula 2 (open foil racing).

All welcome, come along and bring some mates to race against, no need to be able to gybe or tack, just get around the course the best you can. Drinks available at the bar after racing.

Feel free to PM me or reply to this thread for any more info ...



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"FIrst Kite Racing event for the season" started by PKR