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2018 Wavesailing Nationals - Corros

Created by WindsurfingWA 5 months ago, 4 Dec 2018
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4 Dec 2018 11:06AM
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Just a reminder that Windsurfing WA is hosting the 2018 Wavesailing Nationals at Corros this week (Wednesday to Sunday). The event area is the southern end of the bay but anyone freesailing will be further North than usual and encroaching in the usual kite sailing area.

Please note that parking will be limited and traffic control will be in place Friday and Saturday to assist.

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4 Dec 2018 6:16PM
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Looks like you've a great wknd of wind for it , might be worth putting a sign up at Kitewest advising as that's where most launch , plenty of euros on the road atm so they won't have a clue on zones
jave a good one


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"2018 Wavesailing Nationals - Corros" started by WindsurfingWA