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Help/tips for east coast best place to live and work while kitesurfing

Created by mate96 > 9 months ago, 5 Dec 2018
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5 Dec 2018 11:45AM
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I'm a backpacker/traveler who's been living in Sydney for a couple of months now, but keen on maybe moving further up north. Looking for tips on a place to settle down which gives me the opportunity to kitesurf easily without a car.

I am now living in Sydney (eastern suburbs) which has been good but I've had do be dependent of other people going out/carpooling to get to good spots. This is my first season of kitesurfing (but I would say I'm a pretty fast learner) so a spot suitable for learning would be good.
I don't know if there are any places or cities where I can live close to kitesurfing spots and at the same time live not too far from a city where "things happen". I'm on a working holiday visa so it needs to be a place where it wouldn't be too hard to get a casual job.

I know I might have one or two too many preferences, but doesn't hurt by asking. For all I know, Sydney might just be the best place to stay.

Also if anyones keen on doing a kitesurfing trip I'm definitely down!

Thanks guys!

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8 Dec 2018 12:49PM
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Theres nowhere thats going to match Sydney. For transport availabilty in Nsw. So if u cant get to the beach there??

other than living on the water front, but if you can afford to do that just buy a car.

plenty of good kiting along nsw coast but other than living on one particular spot nothing happening without transport of yr own


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"Help/tips for east coast best place to live and work while kitesurfing" started by mate96