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wave riding in tasmania/ hobart area from november 1

Created by mrcurly 9 months ago, 25 Oct 2018
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25 Oct 2018 6:52AM
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gidday, I'm an experienced wave rider from the south island in new Zealand and I will be in Tasmania for two weeks from November 1. I'm keen to do some riding and would like to catch up with a local or two if anyone is happy to show a kiwi around. I won't slow you down, I will have my own wheels and a full range of kites, and in exchange I can offer mellow company and a reciprocal deal if anyone ever wants to come and ride in new Zealand. we have some great cross off spots and lots of down the line riding for those inclined. anyway, I'm stoked to be coming to your island and would love to hear from anyone who can help with local info. thanks heaps. Curly

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4 Nov 2018 4:22PM
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Well. Not from here. But just drove around a bit. Some nice spots along the east coast. Bay of fires. And White Beach and Dunalley on the Taz Peninsula look good. Lots of wind and no Kiters. Dam shame

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6 Nov 2018 6:27PM
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Hey dude, you're a few weeks off sea breeze season...
Am planning on getting a lot more kiting in here this season, so places I'd encourage you to look at would be the miles and miles of east coast beaches. It's pretty sick up north near Stanley too, east inlet pumps! Hard to go wrong with Marion Bay down south, and even hitting up a few surf beaches around hobart/south arm...
hope you find some good winds!!!


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"wave riding in tasmania/ hobart area from november 1" started by mrcurly