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Port Douglas / Cairns in September October

Created by SquamishHenry > 9 months ago, 24 Nov 2019
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24 Nov 2019 7:22AM
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Coming to North Queensland in September 2020 for a month or two. Mostly looking at Port Douglas. What are the winds like that time of year? I have an 11, 9, 7 on a surfboard that I use in Squamish, BC, Canada. I'm a big guy. Will that cut it or do I need a foil or a bigger kite? Any info would be really appreciated.


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24 Nov 2019 11:33AM
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Hey Henry, September is the tail end of the season up that way....that area gets solid Tradewinds from May through to September but have been there in the back end of August, and it's very patchy....

If you can (you have probably already booked accom?) try and head further south for kiting. Central coast from around Mackay all the way down the east coast would be a better option if your holiday permits. Anyway google Tradewinds in North Queensland and you will see what I mean. It's a beautiful part of the world if you don't get to kite, heaps to see and do...

Good luck and good winds

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2 May 2020 1:25PM
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Hit and miss like gilly said.
2019 we had solid 25 knots most of September could have quite possibly been 15kts and below like it was in October 2019 though. foil might be a good idea.. either way can probably leave the 7 meters, unlikely to nee that here

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13 Jun 2020 10:20PM
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If I could pick again i'd just run a 10.5m mono quiver here.
So bring the 11 and the 9. Tbh if you just bring your 11 and it has good depower (cabrinha bow-style kites) it will be alright. Port Douglas has I think slightly better wind than Cairns but not by much.

Every once in a while you get really good wind but it's tropical wind so you cant compare 25knots here with 25 knots in i.e. Cananda or the English Channel.

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14 Jun 2020 7:44AM
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Up here in Townsville, most big guys ( > 90kegs), use 12m or higher size kites on 136cm+ twin tips. On foils anything under 12m seems to work, depending on skill levels. You'll get stronger winds in Port Douglas, but it's hit and miss.

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18 Jun 2020 7:17PM
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We Kite here pretty much everyday from May- December winds epic now has been for weeks last few season have been a bit up and down this season so far so good :) Hit us up if you want any more info Cheers Bretto WindSwell 0427498042


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