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Live Camera on Manly

Created by INCI > 9 months ago, 18 May 2020
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18 May 2020 9:27AM
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Guys, do we have any free/paid live camera installed on Manly/Wynnum?
With winds like now, would be so good for everyone to know what's going on before going out.

I was thinking, if we don't, may be we can make it happen? So many products now available -

I can get it and pay for 4G sim, I just need a safe place where we can install it. (that product is wire free for example).


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1 Feb 2021 10:56PM
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RQYS has a weather station and live camera feed by Manly. The wind meter is just on top of the windsurfing centre of excellence by the beach off Davenport Dr.

Note the wind speed is usually about 2-3 knots higher than on the water due to slight acceleration coming off the beach. Regardless, it's been more accurate than seabreeze, willyweather or


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