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Kite Boarding Cairns and Crew

Created by NorthernKitesAUS > 9 months ago, 6 Oct 2020
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6 Oct 2020 9:55AM
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Took family over to Cairns for a week long holiday just past. I had a chance to jump over to Yorkeys Knob last Saturday arvo for a kite. Unfortunately, for me, I only had a 12m kite and the wind was howling at least 25-35knots! Everyone was out there on 7,9 or 10m kites max. Anyway, in kooky fashion that I normally do I strutted over to the lagoon and looked and looked and thought, far out this is way too much wind for me. So I started chatting to the local crew. I just wanted to say what a fantastic bunch of guys - both experienced and new. Young dudes and dudettes of course, but was so cool to see some great jumps, air styles and loops. A guy came over and introduced himself and offered me to lend me his 7m kite. Wow! Thanks man. That's the coolest thing I've had done in ages. I really appreciated that offer, but declined as I really wanted to boost on my 12m Chrono. Luke and his students were there and were friendly and open, but he did recommend I don't launch. I should have listened. My apologies guys. I managed a few tacks out, and didn't dare send it.
Luckily, I had a great quick session, over powered but not over controlled. The Chrono was amazingly stable and handled all the gusts thrown at it. Anyway...
So if you go to Cairns for a kite - please go and say hi to Luke and the crew from KBC. They are honest and friendly, and willing to help out if you ask.
I might also plug the cable-ski park. That was was amazing. Had the best time, and finally learnt to jump the ramp with a blind back roll. Woot! Well worth a try and there are great crews there as well.
Cheers guys!


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