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Anyone in Mackay?

Created by SerenitySS 5 months ago, 7 May 2021
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7 May 2021 8:56PM
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Hi, any Blokart or Land sailing, etc on here from Mackay area? when/where/how often do you meet up?


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8 May 2021 8:31AM
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We have a blokarting club in Mackay; see CentralQueenslandBlokartClub on Facebook or website
They mostly meet on Bucasia beach (access from StarboardCct) and seem a welcoming bunch so check them out. They plan a social sail there this Sunday from 1pm.
Also my hubby & I have a Blokart + kite buggy as well; would be good to meet for some land sailing outings if you like.


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"Anyone in Mackay?" started by SerenitySS