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wainman surfboards and kites = happy days

Created by coastalkombi > 9 months ago, 17 Oct 2009
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17 Oct 2009 7:31PM
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Got the chance to demo the 2010 wainman in conjunction with the wainman latest surfboard release. To be fair, the kite was tested in pretty marginal conditions but I loved it .

so much so ive placed a order for the 9 and 7 meter will give a more comprehensive review when ive had the gear out in better conditions

The surfboard is just mad some of the crew down at the point claimed it as one of the best looking kite surfboards that they had seen after the session went straight back the shop and forked out the coin she’s now all mine !!

Thanks to Alex at stonker in Torquay for a great deal


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"wainman surfboards and kites = happy days" started by coastalkombi