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Wainman magnum 6 or north pro series

Created by mc > 9 months ago, 16 Dec 2013
NSW, 357 posts
16 Dec 2013 8:30AM
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Any comments on the north pro series. 5.11

I'm after a board for a 87 kg rider , east coast mush , light and light underfoot , easy to carve out and faily floaty. So I can get out on the 12 reo in 15-20 knots , which is most of the time in Sydney

I have heard good things about the pro but they are super expensive like f one boards which I have and love

WA, 48 posts
16 Dec 2013 7:39AM
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Hi mc

I have a wainman passport it's a great board , gets me going in light winds ,quite floaty ,turns and carves amazingly . I think the north pro and wainman magnum are quite gun shaped board for higher winds .

NSW, 2704 posts
16 Dec 2013 11:50AM
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What's wrong with a normal surfboard...?
You won't get much lighter than that...

NSW, 3410 posts
19 Dec 2013 9:39AM
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Get a custom. You wont regret it as the shaper can tweak the dimensions for your ability/preferences.

Nate KSO
QLD, 91 posts
21 Dec 2013 8:14AM
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I've been riding the 6'0 magnum all year absolutely love it...
Perfect all rounder that is great both strapless or strapped...
Super strong construction :) won't sink in the deck like a normal surfboard.
High performance and still handles mush...riding similar conditions on the sunny coast, 15 to 25 knots 2 to 6 foot.

WA, 113 posts
22 Dec 2013 8:18AM
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I've been riding the North 5'11" Pro Series for one season and have enjoyed riding them more than any other board. I would suggest also considering the 6'2" for east coast conditions particularly if using strapless. I use a 5'11" in WA conditions and weight in at just under 70kgs. They have a fair bit of tail rocker and are super light and manoeuvrable so they ride like a smaller board - try to demo. If you're riding Reos your obviously looking for what I would consider to be the best possible wave specific gear so I think you'll be stoked with the Reo + Pro Series combo.

NSW, 357 posts
22 Dec 2013 5:08PM
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Hi thanks for your help I can only get a 5.11 in Cape Town where I'm going so I've secured it so I don't have to take one in transit .

I weigh 86 kg so in not sure it will be the best for east coasts rubbish , for Cape Town it will be fine. , I'm getting it for 850 after you get tex back so I could always sell it and buy bigger when I gett back .

I have a 6.3 as well which is great for here and a 5.10 f one for windy days , let's see how it goes eh .

NSW, 357 posts
25 Dec 2013 4:36PM
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Picked up the red rocket. 5.11 yesterday in Cape Town 2.5 m swell. , 30 knots, reo 2014 7m, what a combo .

Life doesn't get much better , the board is so light it's not funny , but it still holds itself , it doesn't bounce around or skate on the face , I thought my f one signature 5.10 was good but this thing is something else , it's a series piece of kit. As it's so light you don't need the larger size as it seems to just float , it's just easy full stop , it feels like a wam in drugs , happy days you must try one. You do get what you pay for it seems with this board .

Anyone else loving this board ?


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