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Wainman joke 142

Created by EnglishCraig > 9 months ago, 12 Nov 2012
NSW, 406 posts
12 Nov 2012 6:10PM
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Rider: 92 kilos, advanced
Style: Free / wake style
Weather: 20-24kts
Disclosure: team rider etc

My Comments:

Team rider so yes I am not going to slate the kit I ride but equally I pick what I use and would switch brands etc if I wasn't happy!!

My comments on the graphics / package of the board Etc re covered in the rampant rabbit post so I shan't reiterate it here

Firstly this board looks a little crazy when you really examine the bottom it's kind of a convex in the very centre with 4 mini concave sections around the edge of it. Pretty fat rails and a more conventional rocker profile away from the centre of the board.

I rode the board with boots (Ronix ones which I am used to so can give a fair assessment)

The board is seriously quick for a board that can take boots and has so much rocker, definitely faster than the darkside and up there with some of the faster conventional twin tips I have ridden.

I was concerned the larger than usual for a wakestyle board fins would detract from the boards intended skatey nature but it really doesn't seem to. The board remains light feeling and easy to slide around underneath you. I screwed up 2 unhooked landings with the board at odd angles but both times it simply slid back round to the correct direction.

The board has great pop and felt really alive when edging hard to initiate unhooked tricks.

Fixtures fittings etc in the standard footstraps etc package all look good and lots of nice little wainman touches with a board bag / screw driver etc thrown in

All in all only had one session on it but already love it - let me know if u have any other questions!

NSW, 406 posts
22 Nov 2012 12:18PM
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I'm in love... Yep with a kiteboard

Got a good few hours in last night and really felt like I got the board dialled in, did a lot of unhooking and once I found the pop sweet spot just kept going for it!

It's the first time I have ever had a board for use with boots that feels nimble and light whilst underfoot it doesn't feel cumbersome in the air and feels like it helps you to land.

It also absolutely charges upwind enabling you to throw plenty of tricks as I wasn't worried about recovering ground.

If you haven't tried one, get on it, I've used plenty of boards and this is by far the best

WA, 638 posts
30 Nov 2012 5:03PM
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Yeah must admit i love my 138 Wainman Joke, probably the best TT i have ever ridden, smooth and fast, that fancy bottom thingy seems to work great.

VIC, 149 posts
4 Dec 2012 3:28PM
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Nice review English Craig. I also ride the Joke 142, but I'm 72kgs and 5.10 tall. Also ride Ronix bindings- Ones. I've set mine up on the widest stance. I have tried other sorts of wakestyle boards and I like the 142 for its rocker line. It plains really easy, goes upwind, smashes chop, and absorbs landings really well. It has a similar load and pop with cab custom, but less rocker than the 2012 model. That allows for less kite when riding, meaning you can pass easier in the air. For those who ride straps you can probably make do with a smaller size (or not), but if riding boots you should most def go for the 142.
Anyone who is riding boots wakestyle or considering getting into it, should suss this board out. Like EnglishCraig said, it soaks up landing and realigns dodgy landings. Nothing worse than catching an edge and getting slapped.


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