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Wainman Smoke v's Eclipse kima 9m

Created by hilly > 9 months ago, 15 Mar 2009
WA, 6397 posts
15 Mar 2009 7:09PM
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Rider: 105kg,Level intermediate/advanced
Style: Surf, lazy hooked and strapped.
Weather: 20+ knots
Build Quality: Both 9/10
Satisfaction: Both 9/10
Disclosure: Buy my own kites

My Comments: Own the Smoke tried a 9m Kima back to back the other day. Both really good kites, fairly low aspect with a hint of delta about them. Comes down to personal preferences really with these two. Very good surf kites responsive, nice turning and good float down the line. Excellent relaunch, self land/launch. No idea about unhooking but I believe they both are capable.

Kima - One pump, 08 bar had above the bar depower not my style believe 09 better, nice construction not sure I like the colour range, bit bright, long bridle. Power a bit on off and moderate bar pressure as front and back lines linked with pulley in between.

Smoke - No one pump but only 3 struts, simple bar - Below(edit thinking of when I had OR bar on it) above the bar depower, very solid construction, sick colour choice (Black only ala Mr Ford), very simple bridle or single line, direct rear connection, smooth power, low bar pressure.

My preference was with the Smoke as it turned a little 'nicer', Kima felt a little on off. Both had the dreaded SLE stall turn but running single line (No bridle) on the Smoke in light winds is a good option with better power down the line. Less depower and more bar pressure are the cost of that option.

I can testify Wainman has excellent support and looking at forum talk about Eclipse I would say the Kima would have similar back up.

Would be happy with either but will be sticking with the Smoke as it feels a bit more fun, a bit playful. Smoke is a solid kite. I really like the simplicity and easy way it does everything.

Both worth a demo.

VIC, 103 posts
16 Mar 2009 11:56AM
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Did try 9 M wainman in around 20-25 knots.
Very fast,poweful kite.
Bar pressure a bit heavier compared to DOS,Rebel 09.
And I felt boosting is not as good as those kites mentioned above.
Very good,robust built.
The one I did try had abover the bar depower,which I did not personallly like,
just wondering if it was an original bar?

WA, 6397 posts
16 Mar 2009 10:09AM
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Well spotted Sasha - Below(edit thinking of when I had OR bar on it) above the bar depower

Find the Smoke bar pressure quite light and I am a sook when it comes to bar pressure.

Boosting the Smoke is a bit different to my previous kites as you have to sheet in hard and hold it sheeted in. Seems to go ok.

WA, 3395 posts
16 Mar 2009 5:17PM
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Hope this means I can get the 9 Kima back off you soon Hilly , I still haven't had much of a go on the 9 myself but I am loving the 6 and will write up a review when I get time.


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