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Wainman Hawaii 2012 Rabbit 2 Kites at Surf Expo

Created by russelldg > 9 months ago, 11 Sep 2011
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11 Sep 2011 6:18PM
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Anyone have any news on prices and when we'll see demo's available in Australia?

VIC, 219 posts
11 Sep 2011 9:45PM
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Typically with any new kite release, evaluation models are airfreighted out to the wholesaler - which then trickle down to the dealers. Whilst the bulk of the production kites are sea freighted, and obviously arrive at a later stage.

I believe due to the heightened secrecy around the Rabbit 2.0's they were already on the docks, however held back to coincide with their official launch date. Anyway Stonk ( is the Australian wholesaler, and tells me the first batch should be here in a week or so.

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21 Sep 2011 10:34PM
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I would appreciate any help from forum members......!

Q; Has anyone had a ride of the 2012 wainman 10.5mtr Punch?

I'm thinking of buying one, but I can not get access to a test ride as a result of my location, any comments would be greatly appreciated.


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24 Sep 2011 11:29PM
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That swivel looks like the slingshot one. Have they paid for the patent?


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