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Wainman 9m smoke wins 2010 kite of the year award

Created by dogboy > 9 months ago, 10 Feb 2011
QLD, 248 posts
10 Feb 2011 2:27PM
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A Polish bridal kite won?
Big advertizers with

QLD, 927 posts
10 Feb 2011 4:34PM
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Wow the Kite of the year!

People are always going to argue that it isn't as good as a Cabhrina, but kites can only fly whenever there is no trees in front of them.


WA, 8724 posts
10 Feb 2011 9:33PM
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Is this the official measure? Is it the recognised judgement? If so, wow. if not - who is destined to benefit?

WA, 503 posts
11 Feb 2011 10:37AM
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Besides the fact that was last year...they do look like a good surf kite . But my IKANKITE Pro model is better it already won 2012 kite of the year in Guns, Hunting and Ammo Magazine.


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"Wainman 9m smoke wins 2010 kite of the year award" started by dogboy