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WAINMANN vs. Liquid force envy Vs. F-one Bandit

Created by DanMan777 > 9 months ago, 27 Oct 2012
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2 Nov 2012 4:52PM
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Ah don't worry about getting bashed let it out there. I seem to have made a fine art of getting bashed. from what I've seen of the 2013 they are as well built as most kites out there. But it's funny how perceptions carry on through.

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2 Nov 2012 9:35PM
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Flyer said...
I rarely ever go here or make a comment for fear of getting bashed and wont comment upon performance or flying style as there are others far better qualified to do so. I am the Liquid Force importer

Hey mate
Please speak your mind.. The majority of the seabreeze community want to hear what you have to say. Hearing from people like you is why I read these forums .......
For hours and hours and hours

pro merc
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5 Nov 2012 8:47AM
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the envy is a great little kite, tough as nails and fast turning. its got very good low end and you get great back up and service from a local distributor.

i have been flying this years model for the past 2 months on a TT and surfboard and happy with the performance and features.

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5 Nov 2012 11:28AM
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i fly the smoke 2 and first gen gypsy 7
probably the best thing about a these kites is there versatility
and they are tough

Have flown the 2013 10.5 envy for about 1/2 hour first thing i noticed was there is no bar pressure, it is very stable and unhooks fine. not sure about surf about the tuning response is a lot slower than what i'm use to.
a few guys that ride exclusive wake/freestyle love them.

But as with any kite your never going to see its full potential from a few hours ride.

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5 Nov 2012 4:36PM
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how did you find the low and on 10.5 envy

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6 Nov 2012 9:57AM
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it's hard to say with such a short flight, seemed ok as i was on my 12 before flying it.


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