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Slingy fuel for downwinder?

Created by 0llie 8 months ago, 26 Dec 2019
NSW, 127 posts
26 Dec 2019 8:10PM
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I took a Brand new out the box, 7mtr 2013 fuel out on a dw today @ 25-30 smooth knots. Seemed to hunt the Zenith on a flick turn as you'd expect.
Anyone else using fuels for dw's? Or do I go back to my reo?

QLD, 117 posts
26 Dec 2019 9:43PM
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I'm no expert but I would go an even older fuel or maybe a wipika

NSW, 3214 posts
27 Dec 2019 8:06AM
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Fuel would be sick to loop your way downwind!! Enjoy!

WA, 483 posts
12 Jan 2020 2:00PM
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My first year kiting I was out with a guy who would ride a fuel unhooked and just loop it down the line. Keep rocking it I reckon.


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"Slingy fuel for downwinder?" started by 0llie