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Shorts harness for women

Created by rachp 5 months ago, 9 May 2021
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9 May 2021 4:56PM
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Hi all wondering if there is any shorts harness's out there either designed for chicks or what current shorts harnesses females like to use?

thanks in advance.

QLD, 82 posts
10 May 2021 12:12PM
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Fiona at Adventure Sports Noosa might be able to help 07 54556677

QLD, 36 posts
11 May 2021 10:19AM
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I have Dakine Starlet a few years old now, still comfy and no issues. However, sizing was waaay out of the stated size on the label, so you'd probably need to physically try some on before purchase.

WA, 795 posts
12 May 2021 4:53PM
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I don't think you would necessarily need a shorts harness specifically designed for women. As long as they can slide on and be cinched tight your good to go. I've had the Dakine which were good but now use the Neil Pryde which are quite similar but a more developed design and use more robust material generally, and are maybe a little lighter.

WA, 115 posts
19 May 2021 8:54AM
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As above, try the Neil Pryde, very comfortable and well made. I had ION before and they fell apart relatively quickly.


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