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Ion Apex harness

Created by dp2012 2 months ago, 26 Sep 2019
QLD, 2 posts
26 Sep 2019 11:14AM
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I bought an Ion apex harness in March this year and have had so many problems I no longer use it. The hook snapped, the buckles are corroded and won't tighten and I accidentally unhook on occasion as the hook isn't raked back enough. Anyone else having these issues? I for one will never buy another harness by ion and would advise anyone not to.

WA, 7 posts
26 Sep 2019 11:05AM
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I have a Riot Curv 9 harness and no joke the straps came undone as I was riding along in stormy weather. The whole kite, bar and harness just flew over the dunes and I had to spend an hour digging around in bushes to find it again. I was not impressed in the slightest

WA, 83 posts
26 Sep 2019 12:15PM
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The hook snapped? That's pretty extreme - do you have any photos? Did you get it replaced under warranty?

I've had Ion harnesses including the Apex for the last five years or so, haven't had any major issues. Never had any corrosion on the buckles - do you rinse the harness in freshwater?

WA, 75 posts
29 Sep 2019 7:58PM
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I was just looking over my 2014ish ion apex in detail. It's had ~5 seasons of lots of use, and shows no signs of corrosion, nor have i ever had any accidental unhooks...which was a real issue with my previous griffin harness. I did just buy a new ride engine - saw a great deal on a 2018 - but I know my ion apex has lots more service in it. I would most definitely buy ion again

NSW, 13 posts
30 Sep 2019 9:03AM
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I bought an Ion apex in 2011 and in 2016 the metal buckle broke during a jump and later (after the self-rescue back to shore) I saw that it had been corroded. I used the harness quite a lot during the 5 years and apart from the corroded buckle it was still in fairly good condition.

QLD, 2 posts
30 Sep 2019 11:15AM
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Photo of broken hook, it was replaced by warranty. I wash all my gear in fresh water. I've got no beef with any kite company, I just want gear that works..

82 posts
30 Sep 2019 11:30AM
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I've got an ion wave harness bought for $150 on sale old stock lasted 6 seasons could probably get a couple more out of it but will replace this year. Pretty unlucky mate most harnesses are pretty solid these days I had a dakine harness before my ion and that was good for 6 seasons to, I kept it as a back up harness.

WA, 237 posts
30 Sep 2019 2:06PM
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I have the same harness, have been using it since last season with no issues.
All buckles will end up corroding its the weak point of all harnesses.
I have heard the hook snapping before, I think there was another post on here about it?

VIC, 152 posts
2 Dec 2019 10:47AM
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I have the same harness, snapped the hook after 3 months and corrosion on all metal hinges after maybe 3 sessions (not seasons!). Really disappointed. Hook has just been replaced under warranty and is meant to be a better build. The harness is more comfy than others I've had but I'll stay clear in the future

WA, 500 posts
7 Dec 2019 2:12PM
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Yep. Bent the hook which lead to an accidental unhooking. Unfortunately my safety snapped and the whole thing took off across the beach towards the trees. But luckily stopped on the sand.
My two left side straps are both half worn where they sit in the buckles. And these buckles are corroded, weirdly the other side looks good.
The harness was bought in February so is only 9 months old including a winter of occasional use only.
My service from my local shop was excellent. He's replaced the hook with a new beefed up version and given me 4 new buckles to fit. My straps however were knocked back by ion. Apparently its my fault for not washing my harness in fresh water.
Ive only been kiting 18 years and never had this problem before. I'll not touch ion again.


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