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ION Nova Harness 2021 warning

Created by Tereza 8 months ago, 26 Jan 2021
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26 Jan 2021 3:03AM
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Hello Ladies, I just wanted to warn you against buying the new Ion Nova harnesses 2021!!!! I do not usually brag on internet but when companies don't care we need to be vigilant. I used to love these harnesses, but this year's design is bad and waiting for injury, and is very uncomfortable. The knife is positioned over the ribs and with the spreader it pushes into you (for the small sizes anyway), so riding without it which does not feel safe. The spreader is for some reason on a huge foamy thing that digs into your boobs. I actually got bruised boobs from that as you can feel it for every landing, never mind coming down hot. Overall a lot of material in the front to be very uncomfortable on the ribs when closed, without tightening it - the big spreader thing slides even more into the boobs, but when tight my lower ribs are not happy, waiting for a big crash to break them. I have not been able to see any of the pro girls using this big spreader thing that comes with them this year. I have tried to get in touch with Ion about it and voiced my concerns with them with very nicely written review and since October they were promising to call me back to discuss this. Nothing ever happened, so they are probably aware of this or just do not care about their customers. Save yourself 300 euro plus 20 for the hook as you need to buy it separately also possibly to buy a new spreader cause this one is ****e especially for small sizes. Get some better harness that you can enjoy and are not risking having in the garage collecting dust or breaking your ribs and bruising your boobs. Plus get some proper customer care service.

VIC, 506 posts
27 Jan 2021 10:06AM
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It Dosnt look like there are any problems with the harness, it's just a fit problem, its way too big too fit between your'e hips and your"e boobs.

No Problem with that !!!

Try the local retailer, i'm noticing manufacturers are pulling back online customer service.

Good luck tess.


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