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Duotone Juice 2020

Created by Adventure Sports Noosa 6 months ago, 31 Mar 2020
31 Mar 2020 1:21PM
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The new Duotone Juice has just been released for 2020. We've had it here to test for a couple of weeks and got plenty of time to post reviews at the moment!

Using the 15m here mostly, got a new 13 too but haven't had it out yet.

Been pretty happy with the Juice for the last few years, we get a lot of light wind sessions in on it as well as using it in the school for teaching, probably one our most used kites here. We've given the new one a good few sessions already and pretty impressed overall.

Comparing to last year there are a few design changes that seem to have translated through to the performance quite well. The 2020 model has focused on weight reduction (like a lot of the other DT kites for 2020) and they've done pretty well with it. Removed some Dacron where they can, new lighter weight bladder material, light weight bridling and attachments.

In addition to weight saving, they've changed the outline a bit to be a deeper delta shape with a little more swept wingtips, and they've also removed the pulleys from the bridling.

Most noticeable difference is the bottom end performance, I think the weight reduction really shines here it's super light in the sky for a big kite. Doesn't backstall or struggle in some areas where the old one would have, makes noticeably more power on the upstroke too.

Speed/agility is still great (for the size!), definitely has a bit more of a direct steering feel which is pretty much what you'd expect since it's lost the pulleys. Doesn't appear to have really lost anything in terms of relaunch or upwind ability here. The smaller ones 11 & 13m will be an awesome foiling kite I think, haven't had the chance to test the new one foiling yet.

Overall, not massively different to the previous model but definitely some noticeable differences especially on the real light wind side of things where it really matters on a LW kite. Had it out in 5-10 knots the other day and was riding in the Rivermouth here no problems at all, regular size twintip holding ground and boosting.

Did a video comparison/review here if you want to see the two side by side:


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