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Cater reviews this years Core Nexus 2- Review 6m & 8m

Created by AndreC 1 month ago, 18 Sep 2020
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18 Sep 2020 7:35PM
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Core Nexus 2- Review 6m & 8m
Ok some of you may remember I popped into Action Sports last year where they stock. Slingshot, Duotone, Ozone and Core Kites. I decided to demo every wave kite from these brands last year. I am not in love with any brand so i thought I could do my best at an un biased kite review.
One of the stand out kites from last year was the Core Nexus.well after a year of riding this kite..The Nexus 2 has just landed.

Quick About me - I have a Dad bod around 95kg and can get creepy after 2.5 beers. I ride Perth year round and outa town for last 10 years mostly on surfboards unstrapped.
So I always have trepidation when a brand goes and makes changes to an already great kite.usually that means they broke what was fixed, if that makes sense. I might start by dribbling on about what I liked/disliked about the Nexus 1 first.

Likes/Dislikes Nexus 1 Likes - Powerful, fast turning in the smaller sizes, large wind range especially low end. Nice weight. Dislikes- slightly heavy on the arms/bar pressure, bar bit thin, no soft ends, V split bit far up for safe self landing. Oh and that safety release.

The Pump up - The 8m is first to get un wrapped the graphics are similar black on white and there is no danger of epileptic fit that can sometimes happen when looking at RRDs for to long.

Construction just looks a touch more refined with less material. Core are German so they make good pornos and kites apparently.
I switch the lines to the surf setting (I am never sure if these settings really make a massive difference on kites.but none the less surf it is.)

8m In the AIR- The real test begins.I am expecting to hate it in some way. First thing I notice is the 8m turns faster and is less heavy bar pressure. Last year the 7m was a magic bullet.but the 8m was a truck being still effective but you needed some weight to chuck it around.
So the power is still there it has more lift and the power delivery is slightly different. I would say upwind isn't as good as last years by a small margin. The wind is 14-15kn and the 8m is holding ground.down the line it feels nice and responsive turning in quickly before my bottom turns and then snapping towards the beach as I am coming off the turn.

I can feel they have tuned it back towards free ride/jumping/strapless freestyle its a bit more aggressive. The fear here is for s surf kite you don't want to get yanked off your edge.thankfully its a very refined power a bit like a v8 German sports car i bought recently. Yes fk I am enjoying myself. Wind picks up and its like holding onto a winch getting towed into some fun waves.

6m In the AIR- Ok so I rock up to the beach the next day.I only have the 6m thinking its windy AF. Nope its 15/16kn..Boo.I am thinking dang I am going to have to loop thing for 5ks w no turns. OK so the 6m flies like a banshee and is producing power. Boom its on with some looping going on I am linking 2&3 turns together.Holy fk. This kite blew me away and I ended up having a great kite. My mates seemed non plussed on their 7,8ms. My thinking is the 6m might be over powered by 30kn on a surfboard.

Its no secret that the 7m Nexus 1 was my favourite kite I have ever owned. I cannot wait now to try the new 7m now. The big problem with the 7m last year is it made my other kites obsolete. They are still crispy.

The BAR - don't have the new improved one yet. But looks like they listened and fixed some of the small gripes from what I have seen online.

Likes/Dislikes Nexus 2
Likes - Powerful, fast turning Nice weight. Improved turning in bigger sizes and relaunch bit smoother.
Dislikes- upwind angle slightly less. Prob need a 5m for 25-35kn

Drift 8.5/10
Construction 9/10
Upwind 8.5/10
Responsiveness 10/10
Turning on Wave 10/10

Hows it compare to the Section?? The section is very well mannered and up and down. The Nexus has radical power in its swing. Its allot more like whipping into waves than just riding in.

What sizes should I get?
Go 1-2m smaller than you normally ride (my quiver last year was 6,7,8m) or demo first to make your own call. If you have pansy TREX arms this might not be the kite for you.
Do you need to be having a mid life crisis to enjoy this kite??
No but its certainly cheaper than a stripper and coke habit and less risk of divorce.

In summary if you want a kite that can do waves and free ride so you can pretend its your grilfriends next xmas present then this is it. If you are in Perth and would like to demo this kite yourself and provide feedback then head to Action Sports and ask for a demo.
(Will be riding the 10m SLS NEO next and making some notes)

Disclaimer- Before any of the Peanuts on here start on about sales and bla bla bla. I choose to support local businesses that have been positive advocates for the kite community. AND YOU SHOULD TOO these guys have been doing it tough in the retail space so I won't apologise for giving our retailer props. And yes due to my ****ty spieling skills Action Sports let me try their gear.

The Core promo video

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18 Sep 2020 10:44PM
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Nice one! Very relatable

maybe 5,7 for you this year then

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19 Sep 2020 4:38PM
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Update on the 6m....30-35kn today. Was stable and predictable fully depowered. Nice surprise.


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