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Cabrinha Fireball Update

Created by G Kailua > 9 months ago, 27 Mar 2017
G Kailua
VIC, 74 posts
27 Mar 2017 5:35PM
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I am just a regular kitesurfer loving the sport and NOT connected with any kite brand/business in any way. I have however aligned myself mostly with Cabrinha gear over time so that I can standardise my quiver of gear.

I decided I would convert to the Fireball after months of waiting for some decent reviews from independent private users. There is distinct lack of these coming forward with advice on this new advancement by regular kiters.

So I bit the bullet and purchased the spreader bar kit and two extra fireball kits for my 44", 52" 2017 Bars and a 60" 2016 bar. (These cover my quiver). The short instructional clips produced by Cabrinha and one of the US shops on converting the 2016 bar were excellent and I was easily able to convert. The spreader bar I removed from my NP harness had side flaps that assisted in keeping the bar low and not riding up, but it still did a little. I was looking at the Fireball spreader bar after fitting thinking the riding up issue might get worse without these two side flaps.

So on the water we go.

The Cabrinha Fireball is FANTASTIC. I am very happy with this change. I have had two sessions and both were awesome. The centre of gravity is lower, the pull is smoother at various angles and it feels like a smoother connection. Transitions are way smoother.

The new Fireball spreader bar did not ride up like i thought it might. Much, much better than the old chicken loops, these are going to go in the future FOR SURE.

Fireball is excellent and I can see this being a full standard or similar going forward once others try and get onboard.

Go for it and enjoy.


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