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Best Harness for high powered freeride

Created by ChiroTrev 1 month ago, 16 Aug 2021
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16 Aug 2021 12:34PM
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Hi Guys,

I love both big air and wave riding. Luckily I was given a Ride engine harness for a chiropractors feedback back in 2014 and it's still going strong today!! Thanks again to the team at slingshot for giving me the best surf harness I could wish for with the rope slider. I'll definitely get another when I'm due.

Every year I replace my harness, hopefully only once. The ion radar has been good, although at the end of the season they're starting to wear down, snapped leg straps, fraying etc.

I know the board short harnesses look and feel better, but at 100kgs and frequent jumps they only last me a few months (even the Ion B2).

Is there a great waist harness that doesn't ride up when powered, like a mystic or prolimit, or a has anyone tried the prolimit kite seat pro?
It would be nice to go to a waist harness, lose the uncomfy leg straps but without totally risking broken ribs if a loop goes bad.... otherwise it'd be even safer to get a comfy seat harness that lasts more than a season....

Thanks in advance!!!

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16 Aug 2021 5:24PM
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My similar (to you) weight mates are frothing over this thing:
Good luck getting one though as they appear to be selling like hot cakes.

Personally I find just flying my kite lower stops the harness riding up when I'm powered (and my harness is loose enough to twist around when I'm riding toeside) but then I'm predominantly a twin tip rider so maybe its different on a surfboard.

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17 Aug 2021 7:50AM
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I'm confused, you like your RE harness but you say you change a harness every year?
Why wouldn't just hit up Slingshot/Rideengine and get a newer model?

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17 Aug 2021 1:49PM
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Hi ChiroTrev,

Unfortunately, this question can only be answered by you. There are all sorts of different harnesses, and having owned a shop for about 15 years, on many occasiona, I have had two mates come in and need a new harness, they will both try on the harnesses on offer, and normally, both will chose something different.

Unlike kites or boards, the harness is the only piece of gear that is in direct contact with your person in a major way. Your body shape, skeletal structure and more are different for every person. A bad kite, or board will not cause you physical pain like a harness will.

I would advise going into a quality local store and trying on a few different harnesses and load them on a loop attached to the wall above, to let you know how it feels in a loaded situation. Most harnesses feel good without load. If you are lucky, you may find a superceded or cheaper harness which will serve you better than the latest high tech offerings. You just wont know unless you try them on personally.


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18 Aug 2021 12:36PM
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Thanks guys.... Yes Darren, I'm awaiting the ride engine seat harness and left my number there for you to contact me when they come in...

Weebitbreezy that's what I'm chasing ;-) I reckon Action sports will deliver around November

Horey sorry mate, I upgrade my seat harness every year, have had the ride engine with rope slider for ages and still happy with it.

Appreciate the feedback.


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