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Armstrong HA725

Created by djdojo 5 months ago, 11 Dec 2021
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11 Dec 2021 1:01PM
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Style: Freeride strapless kitefoiling
Conditions: 20-30 knots, windswell up to 2m
Setup: 100cm mast, 50cm fuse, chopped V tail at -0.5 degrees, homemade pocketboard (95x47cm)
Kites: Cloud D 2.8 and 3.7
Level: Advanced
Disclosure: Kitepower help me out.

Easiest review ever to write:

If you like the 925 and want something to extend that HA feeling into stronger wind and bigger faster waves, buy the 725.
If you liked my review of thew 925 but are lighter weight and thought the 925 might be too big, buy the 725.

The 725 is simply the smaller brother to the 925. My foot position/stance and tail setup are identical for each and there was zero adjustment period to the feel of the 725. It's obviously faster, takes a bit more oomph to get going, but other than that it's just a matter of choosing 925 or 725 depending on conditions. They are both mind-blowingly good and ridiculously addictive.

Further thoughts on what it means to be an advanced/expert rider ... or, are you ready for the HAs?

In computing there's the old acronym GIGO - garbage in - garbage out. The small HAs are super responsive to whatever input they receive, including accidental input, over-correction, and tentative input.

So, to reap the benefits of the HAs, you need to be able to ride decisively and with authority, yet smoothly - without being heavy on your feet or too locked in at hips, knees and ankles.

If you are tentative, the HAs will porpoise you at low speeds, or be too subtle for you to feel what they're doing at high speeds (especially with a fast tail).

So, if you're still a bit wobbly through transitions or when dropping down a steeper wave, stick to the 1050, 850 and 625 until you feel you're pushing them hard and want more.

Of course mileage may vary (and if you ride big kites and footstraps you will be able to go HA with less subtlety and precision of technique) but these are my latest thoughts on how kiters might choose between the HS and HA series.


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