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Any info on 2011 Wainman gear?

Created by orynoco > 9 months ago, 2 Aug 2010
QLD, 271 posts
2 Aug 2010 10:28PM
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Has anyone got any info about new kites from wainman?

Will they be keeping the same range of kites for the new season or just tweeking the existing ones?

Mabey a mid year release of a new model?

Any info would be great,

Cheers amigo's.

QLD, 1674 posts
3 Aug 2010 6:32PM
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Not yet mate, waiting patiently lol.

QLD, 271 posts
20 Aug 2010 9:24PM
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Youse got nothing for me?????

Throw me a freekin bone!!!!!!!!!!

Rhys McClintock
NSW, 995 posts
21 Aug 2010 10:20AM
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No changes this year - at least not untill after Xmas. 2010 kites will continue through the 2011 season. Great news for anyone with a 2010 model, it's still current!!

There will be a new bar coming - should see samples pretty soon in Aus.

SA, 1390 posts
21 Aug 2010 10:34AM
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I liked the bar, with the DANGER wrong way on the back of the bar. The skinny short depower rope could have been better, but worked if you could grab it, and the safety was a bit, well what safety? I had a blast first time i flew the smoke nice and grunty, had more than my B3 and was smooth. Couldnt believe how good the setup was out of the bag it came with the biggest spares/repair kit i have ever seen with a kite and a wetbag and enough stickers to cover your car

Glenn m
WA, 18 posts
28 Aug 2010 9:17AM
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Has any one flown the twelve in the wainman were you impressed? how does it rate with a twelve switch blade?

NSW, 120 posts
28 Aug 2010 4:21PM
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The 12m (Boss) is awesome. They are all awesome. Huge wind range. Enough said

7 posts
29 Aug 2010 2:02PM
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12m is grunty, great relaunch, stall resistent in light wind and turns fast for the size. The 9m is even better, definitely my favourite of the range (7/9/12). That said, I do hope they come out with a modern bar (mattress knows why :-).

VIC, 100 posts
29 Aug 2010 5:25PM
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I remember reading that a new bar was coning out, does anyone know when this will be released?


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