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Airush Sessions - New Wave Kites

Created by Nath > 9 months ago, 11 Oct 2020
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11 Oct 2020 9:29PM
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This is the new wave kite from Airush. Basically, it looks and handles similar to the previous Airush Waves with a bit of extra life for boosting and making fast sections.

The kite feels light and responsive, drifts effortlessly with minimal rider input, absorbs gusts, has grunt when you want it yet follows you through dips and troughs without lifting you off your board, dumps power instantly for snappy top turns or changes of direction on a wave and gives instant power for a faster bottom turn or to make a tricky section. Add to this the bonus of being able to boost high into the air when you want to and this pretty much sums up the new Airush Sessions.

The Sessions are quite similar to the Airush Waves in appearance and feature rounded square wing tips and a low aspect ratio. The quality and finish are outstanding and they are built light for higher performance with reinforcing where it counts.

Self-launching and landing is a breeze and first impressions are that this kite has grunt, feels slightly bigger than a Wave of the same size and generates speed and power as it climbs.
Even in gusty conditions, the Sessions are well behaved, predictable, responsive, manoeuvrable and ready to boost.

It comes with a fixed line bridal, lightweight bag for simple storage, a repair kit, a backpack similar to previous years for travelling or longer walks to the beach. The travel bag includes attachment points for everything.

Overall, these kites are perfect for intermittent to advanced wave enthusiasts looking for one of the most high performance and fun kites available. Thanks to Christian and Sylvie from KiteBud for getting hold of them. Kudos to the design team!

I'll add some photos to share the stoke. I'll add another review for the Comp V4 5'8" which has instantly become my favourite board ever.


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