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2019 Naish PIVOT Review - The Kite Mag

Created by Windgenuity > 9 months ago, 14 Mar 2019
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14 Mar 2019 2:42PM
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Even though the 2019 Naish PIVOT did not get the final decision (for some reason) at the end of the testing, it did score amazingly well showing excellent attributes both Dynamic and Static beating both the winners in Dynamic and holding the winner back on static.

The Pivot is an amazing kite for sure!

Here is the link to the full review -

Or to save you time, I have added up the wheels as best can,

- PIVOT. Dynamic Handling = 124, Static Handling = 53.
- MOTO. Dynamic Handling = 119, Static Handling = 53.
- EVO. Dynamic Handling = 116, Static Handling = 56.

Well done PIVOT

Ride safe,



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