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2017 Naish Slash

Created by cel23 > 9 months ago, 10 Dec 2016
QLD, 175 posts
10 Dec 2016 10:53AM
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After hearing only good things about the new Slash, I had to come out of kiteboarding retirement to take it for a whip. I can confirm, this kite means business. ???? Tested the kites on different days between 15-23 knots with nearly no surf. Here's how it went;

The bar pressure is quite light just like all the other Naish kites, but once you pull that bar in, it's really responsive. You'd expect this in any wave kite. But what really surprised me is how well it steered with the bar depowered.

The thing that I really wanted to test was how well it drifted. Again it surpassed my expectations. Surfing down the line with slack lines want a problem. Even in a cosss onshore wind, the kite was easily keeping up with the my board speed.

I dropped the kite a couple of times test the relaunch. ?? It relaunches just fine.

The bar has a lot of throw and depoers quite easily. Whenever I wanted to wash of some speed, I could simply throw the bar out and I'd easily be able to drop speed.

Overall it's a great wave kite. It definitely it flys better on the 19+ knot days. Anytime looking at - definitely worth taking one for a demo.

WA, 43 posts
20 Dec 2016 7:22PM
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Good review thanks. I'm thinking of changing my Pivots to Slash's.... Concerned they won't be different enough to justify the cash...
Anyone else rate them? More info please!

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20 Dec 2016 8:44PM
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I switched from Pivots 2015 and it is a different kite. Smoother, turns quicker, drifts really wel.
LE seems thinner exept at the wings where it is BIG.
The kite feels very compact and solid in the air. Much more then the pivot.
Only tried the 10m in the waves and didn't jump it.

I really liked the pivots (2015!) and used them for 2 years in waves and foiling. But to me the slash is for sure an upgrade in all area's that matter to me.


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21 Dec 2016 5:06PM
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Did the valves stay on for the whole session?

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22 Dec 2016 4:14AM
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why wouldn't they?

QLD, 133 posts
22 Dec 2016 9:15AM
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Ive had naish for the last 3 years ive had no valve leaks or valve problems been good for me


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