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2017 Naish Pivot delivers all-round performance

Created by OceanAddicts > 9 months ago, 3 Nov 2016
QLD, 351 posts
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3 Nov 2016 9:37PM
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Talk to the guys that love it and know it inside out here...

VIC, 265 posts
4 Nov 2016 3:39PM
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Great for unhooked? Never heard anyone say that about the pivot before. I also own two of them and because of the sheet and go unhooked powers it right up. I would say it's not great at unhooked.....unless the quadtech changes things.

QLD, 131 posts
5 Nov 2016 6:16PM
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I think they may be referring to unhooking in down the line wave riding. Regardless of that however, I find you can still unhook with the Pivots when riding freestyle. Due to the drifting characteristics though, the slack line is almost non existent making passes more difficult. You need to load and pop with a fair amount of effort compared to a C oriented kite. I ride 95% in the waves now but the 5% free riding I get to do is awesome

pro merc
NSW, 298 posts
14 Nov 2016 9:59AM
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The Pivot is definitely ok for unhooking but not really suited to passes. Throwing a Railey unhooked rotation it works really well. Down the line the kite drifts well unhooked.


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"2017 Naish Pivot delivers all-round performance" started by OceanAddicts