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2015 Xenon Infra???

Created by live2play > 9 months ago, 26 Feb 2016
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26 Feb 2016 11:17AM
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Just curious if anyone has time on this board? Can anyone compare it to the Laluz?

WA, 8030 posts
26 Feb 2016 5:15PM
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Sorry not the latest edition
The laluz for our conditions and me,
It'd be in the top couple of boards I've rode,
A bit more to a demanding /intermediate / advanced riders liking
It's a more all rounder compared to the infra,
But very capable board, you'd be hard pressed not to like it
Nice flex
Smooth ride
Good pop
Dry ride/ little spray
The infra is your dedicated freestylers board
The laluz is a great board for general shoreline conditions

Ben - Ikon
WA, 113 posts
27 Feb 2016 12:47PM
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hi Live2play,

I have a Infra 2012. I have done bad landing on it and the board is still perfect.
I would buy the new model when I need to change that one.

I tried the Laluz only once. the Laluz is a bit more confortable in the chop, super smooth but still with a nice Pop.
The infra is perefct in glassy flat water with a better pop than the Laluz. Landing are bit more harder on the knees though.

Overall Xenon is doing really good boards.

QLD, 550 posts
27 Feb 2016 8:07PM
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I found the wider tips improved the bottom range of the infra compared to the luluz. They both go great upwind ,landings are a bit hard . I have a 133 approx 2013 model $250 .


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