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2015 Naish ride 14 m

Created by farNT > 9 months ago, 10 Jan 2016
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10 Jan 2016 3:57PM
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hi all
Im 46 95 kg intermediate rider that's not into anything too serious , bit of jumping and mucking round on small waves basically just cruising around having a bit of fun. I have a good roster at work 5 on 5 off so kite 5 days per week wind depending
wind usually 12/20knts short chop to river mouth small 2 ft waves. I've been riding a 2012 15 m envy,11 m slingshot octane, 2013 10 m bws noise(first kites)with a van hunks Bucca 145 I've been riding bout 2 years . My envy is just about to go into retirement and as its my go to kite I need a replacement any one out there have anything to say about the 2015 Naish ride 14 m?? Good, bad,would this kite be a step up or down from the envy??Build quality is a big hitter as I guess I'm pretty hard on my gear self launching/ landing etc also looking at a 14 m 2015 switchblade if for anything else the build quality.and good reviews Any feedback would b much appreciated

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10 Jan 2016 7:53PM
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I have 8 10 and 14 Ride kites. There are very good at
1- low end
2 - Relaunching
3 - turning fast
4- jumping
5 - build quality very good.

I had them for 2 years. Never had a problem with the bladder or material.

there are very bad when you are over power.
I sold the 14 meter and kept the 8 and 10. There are in my garage collecting dust and are my backup kites

It is a good kite if you get a good deal. I am now riding North NEO 2015.

The NEO is the same like the Ride but over power is no issue and there are a lot more expensive


VIC, 228 posts
21 Jan 2016 8:39AM
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The wife had a few year old Ride 10m when she was learning. I found it great for jumping but not much else. I found the Pivot has better low end then the Ride. Not sure what the newer Ride is like now. I would have to agree about over powered with the missing strut it goes crazy.


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