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2015 Naish Motion

Created by Neves > 9 months ago, 25 Oct 2016
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25 Oct 2016 11:53PM
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My Comments:
I am thinking in change my board and got some good words on the 2015 Naish Motion. I am looking for a stable board for choppy waters and for small jumps.
Any ideas?

NSW, 255 posts
26 Oct 2016 8:24PM
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Yeah the Naish is a sweet board. Myself and a few mates also ride one. All highly reccomend it.

Only problem for me was the foot straps were too small, which is a shame cause there are the best ones out there. But my feet are size 14, so thats prob not an issue for you....


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"2015 Naish Motion" started by Neves