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2011 Wainman blunt - any comments?

Created by mazdon > 9 months ago, 26 Mar 2013
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26 Mar 2013 3:03PM
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Rider: 85kg, intermediate to advanced (riding 6 years)
Style: Freeriding (with this board)
Weather: 20 - 30 knots (ranging from 9m to 6m kites)
Disclosure: like variety so need to upgrade my twinny for my non-surfboard days, no store affiliation though i was shown this board in KSS as a second hand option. have a pretty bad old knee injury that i nurse my way through when riding so that may have affected my style/feel for twin tip boards.

hi everyone
i'm interested in any rider reviews on the wainman blunt - i have found them in short supply in my searches. only got some kitemag reviews and the wainman promo material too read so far.

a little more background: it turns out i have a pretty twisted taste in twin tips after riding a 127cm old crazyfly wood (with carbon) board the last few years on my random twin tip excursions. honestly loved riding it and with little fins in there, i used to have a ball going all slidey and skatey, super light board to flick around switch, 180s etc - and with big loading when required to boost. demo'd the shinn monk (thanks KSS) and didn't like it contrary to the majority it seems, and trying to suss other options now. have tried all the usual north twinnies (jamie, x ride) in the past too and haven't really enjoyed them.
i really only use the twinny when i feel like a boost, roll, loop free ride session - or when surfboards are under repair. also would appreciate minimal comments about other options - there are plenty of excellent reviews of the other options out there (eg shinns, mako's), and i'll get round to demo'ing more one day, but would love some insight on the blunt in case it is a goer for me short term at least.
thanks for any reviews

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26 Mar 2013 6:20PM
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If you like light boards the blunts good but the closest thing to what u are describing would be (in my opinion) the flexifoil hadlow pro - freestyle

It's predominantly carbon, easily the lightest board I have ever had by a big margin, good rocker profile with greater flexibility built into the tips of the board. Easy on the knees

Comes as stock with tiny fins with a cutaway so has the loose slidey feeling you like

I love mine

And no, it's not for sale ;)

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26 Mar 2013 9:57PM
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Didn't like the monk on my first run it felt weird, now I love it, reading your post give the xenon range a run, very light responsive board great on the knees,

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31 Mar 2013 12:45PM
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cheers for taking the time to respond guys - noted re: flexifoil hadlow and xenon boards - will keep my ear to the ground on them as well.

i guess there aren't too many blunt riders in aus (or here at least!), and i'll just have to wing it!


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