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Slingshot SST

Created by stan1169 8 months ago, 8 Jan 2020
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8 Jan 2020 10:49PM
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I've just bought an 8m SST and whilst it's great in the air I'm having real problems securing it on the beach before launch or after landing.
Tonight it had been safely landed using a tether, was lying face down into the wind and I put sand and my harness on it but when I turned around it took off. Thankfully it was tethered to a post and I wasn't attached to it.
Anybody had similar issues or tips?

VIC, 68 posts
9 Jan 2020 7:56AM
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I have a 6m SST for strong winds and yep the leading edge sits high so the wind gets straight under it also its a bugger to self land as it wont sit down without weight on it so its a flag out landing. It's just the design of the leading edge. Great kite Drifts awesomely has some real low down grunt but landing and launching when its windy has its foibles.

WA, 339 posts
11 Jan 2020 9:08AM
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You could try sanding it on its back. I fly Cloud kites which also take off but found out from other users that they stay much better 'on their back'. I tried it and it is true for Cloud kites - see if it works for SST.

WA, 647 posts
15 Jan 2020 9:39AM
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I've had an 8m sst for 2 seasons now. Great kite almost a 1 kite quiver such is the range. 16 to 30 knots for me. The water relaunch and drift is second to none but yeah the price is she wants to take off on the beach unless you weight her down

Sounds like you need more sand on it is all. A sand bag would be a good idea but I've never got round to it.

The trick to self landing is put the kite on it's tip fully depowered then grab BOTH front lines and walk up them to grab the kite. Keep a bit more tension on the bottom line vs the top as you walk up. Works every time as its very stable resting on it's tip.

Self launch is same as for any kite just need to pull the leading edge a bit more into the wind to pop the sand off.

Another tip is experiment with all the different adjustments as they make a big difference.

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15 Jan 2020 2:48PM
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I have a kite that will not sit on the beach, while every other kite will. My solution was and still is-

As I inflate the kite i isolate the center strut at a lower pressure; then put 6 to 10 pumps more into the rest of the 11m kite. Kite will sit happily on its leading edge.

I feel in light wind or big surf it is a massive bonus to have an adjustable auto relaunch rigging option.

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15 Jan 2020 7:58PM
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Clip carabiner from sandbag to pump leash point on the leading edge. Have similar problems with my Airush Unions which don't sit as flat on the beach. If its really howling, dig a bit of a hole for the sand bag to sit in to stop it sliding.

Only drawback is making sure anyone launching you knows to unclip it before lifting the kite up.

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17 Jan 2020 8:36AM
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Thank you guys.
Putting loose sand on the canopy doesn't work as it is easily flicked off the canopy.

The solution at the moment for pre-launch is a small canvas bag of sand. The landing bit involves shouting at the person not to put the kite on the sand and then walking up to it and taking it from them yourself.


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