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My gear ...

Created by Damigu > 9 months ago, 21 Oct 2017
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21 Oct 2017 4:19AM
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Hello everyone ...

I just finished learning to kite and now I want to buy my gear but I'm a bit concerned with what my instructor told me ...

Here are the information,
Between 13 and 22 knots ...
It is for the sea and with quite a lot of small waves (1m or so)
I'm 1m80 cm high and my weight is 102 kg ...

I'm coming to you cause my instructor told me I could go with a 139x42 and 2 kites 1 14m for low and medium wind and 1 10m for hight wind ...
I've tried 3 times already with the 139 board and I feel like a beginner ... it's crazy difficult to get up and ride (though the wind was not as good as usual) but even I felt like the 2nd time I went in the water with a board :p ...
Searching on the internet on the chart for the kiteboard I'd like (Slingshot Crisis 2017) they said I would need a 146 cm ... Are these charts correct ? As indeed my instructor is almost as big as me and rides a 139 ...

Also, the Slingshot Crisis is quite flexible and very light ... do you know if it would be ok for a big Kitesurfer like me to use it in the see where there are some waves ?

Anyway I'm lost and would love an information about this :).

Thanks in advance,

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21 Oct 2017 6:52AM
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Gday and welcome to kitesurfing.

having recently gone through the start phase i can freshly comment on my experience.
Im 181cm. and 95kg so in the same bracket as you. (Plump bastards)

my best board size is 141x 43. And kites are 17,12,9.

I think the 14 and 10 is a pretty good range for your size with the 139 x 42 board. Fitting the bill for the upper end of the wind range for those kites. So if were me i would be looking for a board that catered the low end of the wind range which would be a bigger volume with not a lot of rocker. Somewhere around 144. To 148 lenngth. And 43 to 46 widrh

a cab spectrum comes to mind. I dont have one and havent ridden one thats just an example.

NSW, 472 posts
21 Oct 2017 7:11AM
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And the big crisis looks ok, Just compare rocker the advertised mid rocker might take a lot more power

WA, 1207 posts
21 Oct 2017 9:00AM
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Hi Damigu

13-22 knots is not a whole lot of wind for a 100kg beginner in open ocean with waves/current.

Since you are not yet riding, you will have a great advantage of having a very large board and a big kite in sub 20 knots at the moment.

However, once you get more experience (which could be in just a few weeks) you will soon realize a big board is more of an inconvenience, especially in more winds and more choppy water.

When I teach my students to ride for the first few times, especially those without any board sport background, a very large board is a great tool. However, once they can go left and right comfortably and consistently, it's time to switch back to normal board sizes. Normal sized boards are easier to edge and control, especially at higher speed and in higher winds / choppier waters.

Remember that light winds and ocean/waves will greatly challenge you as a beginner so expect that it will take more time to learn in those conditions, you have to be patient.

My advice is get a big board first (probably bigger than 146cm) and later keep it as a light wind board, then buy something smaller like 140cm for strong wind days. Having 2 boards makes much more sense than buying more kites.

Also keep in mind that 22 knots is more than 3x times the power delivery in your kite compared to the power delivery in 13 knots.

Chances are if you have less than 15 knots of warm sea breezes you won't even be able to get going at this stage in the ocean, regardless of what equipment you have.


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21 Oct 2017 3:51PM
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+1 what Christian said.

Keep at it man! It takes a few weeks to really get the hang of it but once you click you'll be away laughing!

PS Christian, I was chatting with a bloke at the beach today who sounds like hes in a similar situation to Diamgu. Has the gear, did lessons, but struggling to turn a waterstart into actually planing along (he's choking out the kite, pointing board too high before he has gained momentum etc). Anyway, recommended your vids to him, but not sure if you have made one that explains how to get going and avoid over sheeting/ learning how to build apparent speed in the kite etc. Keep it up, you are providing a good service :)

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22 Oct 2017 1:44AM
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Thanks for the answers everyone ...
I learned with a 155 board and it was indeed super easy so maybe going directly to 139 was too ambitious :p ...
Does it make sense to buy a 146 AND a 140 ? Or would you say that buying bigger than 146 is better ? The problem is that I do not find bigger boards than this ...

NSW, 1036 posts
22 Oct 2017 7:25AM
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I am 100kg and my go to TT boards are:

160x44 TT door (almost no rocker)
150x50 TT door (almost no rocker)
150x48 TT (medium rocker and concave)

For 13 knots I will be on one of doors + 15 or 17m kite.

For 22 knots I will be on the TT with rocker and 10.5m kite.

Body weight makes a huge difference in what you will need. For your weight, go the 146 and make sure it is wide. Width is more important than length (as demonstrated by skim boards and the Shinn Speedball).

QLD, 733 posts
22 Oct 2017 8:20AM
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^^^This is a great example of what suits one person may not work for another....

I am 96kegs and only have one board, a 136 x 41 and predominately one 11m kite....

I kite in anything from 14 - 30+ knts, a little bit of tide assist helps on the low end, but can still stay upwind without it.

have a 9m as well that prolly only gets used 3 times a year.

I wouldn't get rid of that 139 board just yet,,,,it could be ur best friend real soon

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25 Oct 2017 8:27PM
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Hey everyone ... thanks again for the help ...
Yesterday I went to practice again and the wind was stronger than usual (18 knots). I was going on the 139 board and I was actually impressed because I could go easily on the board ...

WA, 542 posts
29 Nov 2017 1:24PM
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I have sold a number of Flydoor XL's (170x50) to bigger guys (100-120kg) and they all froth about them. It gets them up and riding in lighter winds, yet is still fun in 20+ knots. These 'Doors can be easily jumped, backrolls - you name it. They go upwind brilliant because they have a centre fin.

If you are going big - I would say go really big for your first board and then like 138-140 as your second "normal" board for when you progress.

I cant see much sense in buying a 138 and 144 for example. And I can't imagine you ever need smaller than 138

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29 Nov 2017 4:22PM
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jamesperth said..

I cant see much sense in buying a 138 and 144 for example. And I can't imagine you ever need smaller than 138

.... that said, I'm 100kgs (prob a bit more in winter) and a 135 x 41 is my main ride. A board with a super flat rocker and plenty of width is the key to getting planing


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