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Shallow spots for learning

Created by Nateasaurus 1 month ago, 16 Oct 2021
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16 Oct 2021 9:29AM
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Hey my partner and I have been learning to kite and are looking to go on a holiday, thinking it'd be cool to take our kites with us. We live in Newcastle NSW, can anyone recommend some spots within a few hours that are learner-friendly with shallow water? Our current pick is Wallis Lake, Forster.

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25 Oct 2021 7:12PM
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Mudds at Old Bar check my post on The Mass post about Old Bar in Newbies

A Bomber
NSW, 104 posts
30 Oct 2021 12:27AM
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Does anyone still kite Chittaway? Not a holiday, but was good for learning back in the day (just had to put up with the weeds).
Otherwise vote #2 for muddies at old bar.


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"Shallow spots for learning" started by Nateasaurus