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PhD fella messaging me? Whats the story?

Created by Chris_M 1 month ago, 14 Oct 2021
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14 Oct 2021 6:03AM
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Hey All,

Just tried to respond to the fella about his PhD and found he's suspended.... (anybody else get a PM from him?)

Whats the story there? Did I nearly get all the money stripped out of my bank account by falling victim to a bloody scammer?



QLD, 780 posts
14 Oct 2021 8:57AM
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Yep, got the same pm....didn't even try and respond though....
I'd say admin know something if he's been suspended....

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14 Oct 2021 3:58PM
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Hi guys!

The strange PhD dude here. Just for clarification:
As you recognized correctly, my Account was suspended without any notification .. Maybe the short survey was against the terms of services - I don't know - and if so, I'm very sorry! I didn't want to bother or upset anyone. And, I didn't want to strip out your bank account also, I promise!
The story behind it: As part of a scientific study on the subject of lead user, me and my colleagues developed a computer program which automatically can detect interesting users based on their posts on social media (like the Seabreeze-forum). To evaluate the developed approach, we retrieved some data from the forum and tested our program to ensure its applicability in practice. And to gain further insights into the topic, we wanted to ask some of you guys two short questions as you are identified as very active and knowledgeable users by our computer program. I totally understand that this could look like one of these messages where somebody from wherever wanted to give you millions of dollars because you are part of his bloodline ... But it is not.
Since some of you quickly responeded, I got some interesting insights and I'm very grateful for them! If some of you guys who retrieved the message wanted to participate, just message me your answers, I would appreciate it !

So, long story short - I didn't want to bother anyone and I'm sorry for the confusion.
All the best to you guys!

WA, 5551 posts
14 Oct 2021 5:12PM
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W.T.F ???

Your algorithms are totally stuffed. Rooted. Kerput. Flawed. Defunked.

I bet they go like :

10 PM some lame arse boring people
20 Return to 10

'Cause I got nothing. Zip, nada, nilch. Yet I am, as everyone has already agreed, the most interesting, knowledgeable and awesome forumer.

And "lead" user ? Well we all know who is king dog around here.

I demand a PM NOW.


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14 Oct 2021 5:18PM
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Does your algorithm detect nutters? You got about a 75% chance of picking a random user and bingo ??

QLD, 145 posts
15 Oct 2021 8:30AM
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There is a very simple test to check your algorithm. Did the algorithm pick cauncy?

No: working
Yes: unfixable

WA, 8277 posts
15 Oct 2021 2:59PM
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littlewing said..
There is a very simple test to check your algorithm. Did the algorithm pick cauncy?

No: working
Yes: unfixable

Yep he did
Seen phd and thought too clever for me


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