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Kiteboarding after a kidney transplant

Created by nfb88 3 months ago, 31 Jul 2020
NSW, 16 posts
31 Jul 2020 7:01PM
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Hi everyone,

I'm wondering if anyone out there, has had a transplant? More precisely a kidney transplant and has been able to kiteboard?
I had a transplant last year and looking at getting into kitesurfing but just want to know if there is anyone out there in a similar situation to myself and that could let me know of their experience?


WA, 7999 posts
31 Jul 2020 8:36PM
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Always have a beer or 2 afterwards

NSW, 2 posts
10 Aug 2020 6:21PM
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Hi nfb,
I do all my usual activities post cardiac transplant.I must admit I never asked the transplant team in case they say no!Reckon driving a car is the highest risk thing I do.Gear is a lot safer now than when I learnt in 2005 pre tx.Reckon you can make kiting as safe or risky as you want-I'm too old to megaloop anyhow but still love getting air.Rotations going wrong-mainly forwards with unwanted kite loop can be savage.I reckon do it with instruction, pick your days and always go with a buddy.

QLD, 81 posts
10 Aug 2020 7:16PM
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If Jonah Lomu could continue playing professional rugby after his kidney transplant, I reckon kitings probably gonna be ok.

VIC, 1003 posts
21 Aug 2020 1:11PM
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Check in box


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